There is nothing quite as exciting as learning something new, putting it into action, and gaining headway toward your goals. 

HeadWay was born from the need to teach and encourage young people to not only engage with each other, but in their community as well. With the high demand of academic learning throughout the school day it is often a challenge to connect socially when the senses and expectations are overloaded. However, these social skills, known as "soft skills" in the post school world, are in desperate need. 

HeadWay's mission is to help young people use their strengths and interests to engage in their community because diversity of interests and strengths make for the best friends and co-workers. 




"Mrs. Coleman's "PhD in Enthusiasm" helped me grow my confidence by doing everyday things"


Thank you for understanding me.


"(Our son) adores you very much and I know you play an important role in his life, and that means everything to us."


About Cory

I have been teaching in special education for over 15 yrs. in a variety of settings.  I started HeadWay to give exceptional children the opportunity to focus on their own goals and needs. So often children identified to have sensory issues, attention issues, anxiety issues, or other differences struggle to find their way toward true independence due to a lack of voice and opportunity. I give young people ages 11-21 the agency to determine where they want to start and what they want to achieve. 


When we meet for our first session, we will get to know each other and determine the wants and needs I can help with. We will create a unique individual plan for authentic and personal growth focused on engagement and risk taking. 



  • Masters of Arts in Teaching

  • Licensed Certified Teacher

  • Special Education Endorsement

  • 15 years’ experience teaching special education

  • Specialized Social Communications Classroom Teacher


Practice Inspired By

  • Joel Shaul LFMT, Autism Teacher Strategies

  • Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP, Social Thinking

  • Danny Raede, Asperger Experts

  • Ellyn Arwood, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, APRICOT

  • Temple Grandin PhD



nothing for you without you

90 min First Session

1 hr  30 min     $200

Meet to determine individual wants and needs, create a personalized plan to move forward and make headway toward your own unique goals.

1 on 1


1 hr             $125

Individual sessions at the Northwest Neurodevelopment Center or at your home. We will work together building trust and confidence, finding tools and strategies to navigate the way to independence.

Community Outings

1 to 3 hrs          $75

2 to 5 participants

An outing created for you by you! This may be learning public transit, going to an arcade, checking out game night, seeing a movie, bowling, or heading out to a rock show. Whatever your unique interests are, we will create a small group to enjoy it together.

work experience


Work Experience through volunteering. These specialty sessions will be determined as we create your plan. We will find opportunities for you to use your strengths in the community while gaining qualifications to add to your resume or college applications.

Cory Coleman M.Ed.

Social Independence Coach



Northwest Neurodevelopment Center  


3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Suite 120

Beaverton, OR 97005


Tel: 971-409-9538​

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